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PT. Imasulindo Petron Abadi

We are a Company engaged in services and supply of machine parts and equipment for the oil & gas and mining industries. We provide maintenance and support services for heavy equipment such as Cat, Cummins, Detroit, MAN etc.

Scope of Work

PT. Imasulindo Petron Abadi menawarkan layanan berikut :


We provide innovative and specialized Engineering design as well as Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Automation Systems (PLC/SCADA) design and support.


We provide mechanical services including the design and supply of conveyor systems as well as maintenance of engines, pumps and compressor units for the oil and gas and mining sectors.


Design and construction of power plant electrical systems as well as design of PLC instrument systems utilizing the latest technologies for industrial requirements.


We support our clients by providing leading brands of instrument and control products that are widely used in industrial processes.

General Supply

All our projects are reviewed upon completion to evaluate the results and learnings for constant improvement.


In addition to supplying B30 diesel fuel for industry, we also provide several filter brands, such as Donaldson, Fleetguard, Racor, Baldwin, Jimco, Caterpillar and Volvo.

  • Filters
  • Mechanical parts (bolts, V-belts, O-rings, hand tools)
  • Electrical parts (sensors, panels, electrical motors)
  • Oil and Gas industry parts (valves, hoses, connectors, compressors, dryer systems, hydraulic pumps)

Services and Products:

    • Mechanical
    • Engineering
    • Electrical
    • Supply of B30 Fuel
    • Lubricant oil


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